Welcome to Paisanos, Italian Garden Cafe!

Blink and you may miss this little taste of Italy located in the heart of North York just north of Sheppard on Willowdale Avenue. The casual atmosphere is constantly buzzing with energy, providing ample dining space for friends, family, and associates to come together and enjoy a delicious meal.

The fruitful menu allows a wide range of choices including a variety of appetizers, meat dishes, and an extensive pick of vegetarian dishes. Also available is a full selection of multicultural wines.

A perfect spot for business lunches and dinner parties, private functions, specialty reservations and set menus are available upon further inquiries.

Why Choose Us

  • High Quality

  • Best Service

  • Reasonable Prices

  • Delightful Ambiance

  • Customer Support

  • Susan | August ,04 2012

    I love this place, food is reliably excellent and reasonably priced. My personal favourite is the Rafaella Chicken. I have never beed disappointed

  • simpson almaida | August ,03 2013

    I have passed this place several times, But I've never been there. My friend goes there a lot and he brought me last week. The food was amazing. I found little Italy in North York. Noise was bit on the loud side but the ambiance made up for it. I will definitely be back!

  • Bonnie | August ,13 2013

    My husband and I decided to celebrate our 2 year anniversary with our 4 month old daughter. From the moment we arrived at this establishment, we were accommodated with a spacious table that allowed for us to park our stroller and sit comfortably. The waiters and waitresses came by to say hello to our daughter and put a smile on her face. The food was amazing and not to mention the service. We left the restaurant very pleased. I would definately recommend this restaurant as it has great food, great service and it is baby and stroller friendly too.

  • Wendy Petcoff | October ,31 2013

    My aunt Miriam introduced our family to your restaurant as one of her favorite places a few years ago. We loved going there with her as a family and loved the food and service. My aunt died recently and my cousin is coming back into town to close down her estate. We will be coming by to raise a glass in memory.

  • Georges | October ,02 2013

    Had lunch at this great little italian restaurant. Food was excellent with lots of choices. HAd Grilled calamari which was excellent and the veal parmesan which was reallly good and large portion with spaghetti. Great place to eat with real reasonable prices. YOu will not be disappointed. Limited parking though...

  • Philip w | September ,02 2013

    I wanted take my girl friend to a nice restaurant( to show her what is a nice food is). I was searching through the internet and found paisanos. I had chicken cacciatore(amazing)and my gf had meatballs. we both loved it. our server was friendly and nice. it is a good place to dining in.

  • JeredSmithson | August ,03 2013

    Tried out Paisano's for the first time 2 days ago. The place was buzzing. Almost packed inside & out on a Monday night, so I knew there had to be a reason. My girlfriend and I sat in the stage area in the dining room. We shared a grilled calamari appetizer (delicious). I ordered the peppercorn veal, which was so perfectly tender! My dish came with roasted potato wedges and vegetables. I asked my server for a little bit more peppercorn sauce for my potatoes because it was so tasty! My girlfriend had the veal parmigiana and wow! The portion was huge and so tasted incredible! The best part was that she only ate half so she had lunch for the next day. We shared a homemade tiramisu for dessert and I have to say that this was one of the best I've ever had. Reasonably priced, great ambiance, great service & even better food. Couldn't have asked for a better meal. Will definitely be back

  • Greg s | July ,04 2013

    every time i eat at paisanos i never leave disapointed chicken veal and eggplant parmigiana are incredible! always fresh and delicious completed with a a side of pasta and vegetables. pizzas are fantastic! the portions here are huge and the prices are very affordable!! great ambiance! very comfortable and friendly service, its no surprise this place has so many regular customers (me being one of them) i highly recommend paisanos!

  • Cindy W | April ,05 2013

    One of my favorite things about visiting Toronto is eating at this restaurant! Great service, good food and lovely Roman inspired atmosphere.

  • Jomu | January ,06 2013

    I love the casual and warm atmosphere. Being a vegetarian I ordered the Eggplant Parmesan. I make this at home and love my recipe so I was a bit hesitant. Paisano's Eggplant was so much better than mine and the veggies with it were perfectly steamed (I think). The service was excellent,

  • Michael E | March ,07 2012

    After hearing great things about this place form the Hotel I was staying at I decided to give it a try. The food was excellent! Defiantly try the Chicken Parmesan.

  • Dave C | February ,20 2012

    Best Italian place in the north part of the city. The food is fantastic and the prices are very reasonable.

  • jhgoldberg | July ,21 2009

    Went here a few nights ago.... The pizza and pasta is amazing. The kids loved it aswell! I definately reccomend you try it. It is amazing!

  • Kajeevan R | March ,21 2014

    Great place to dine and eat with your friends! Food was great, wide variety of dishes to choose from.

  • Ana W | January ,29 2014

    One of my favourite Italian restaurants in the city, although I was a bit disappointed with the service. My waiter seemed to rush a bit even though it was a Wednesday night and there was no line up. He didn't come back to refill our drinks without being asked. I have been here many times before, and some of my favourite pastas are the following, - linguine clams pasta - shrimp Portabello pasta I wish their waiters would smile a little.

  • Joy A | February ,03 2012

    Live this place. Atmosphere 4/5. Reminds me of a old school Italian joint. Parking is tough sometimes. Always busy on the weekends. Expect to wait a bit during dinner time. Food 5/5. Really really really good. Pizza and calamari are excellent. Go with the veal or chicken parm. You won't regret it .

  • Victoria B | February ,03 2012

    I had the opportunity to first visit Paisano's a couple of years ago based on my grandparents' recommendation. They used to frequent the restaurant. Being a lifelong lover of Italian food, especially pizza, I was very excited to try their restaurant. WOW. I was blown away. This place has the BEST Italian food I have ever had. This is miles above your standard pizza place. In fact, it seems downright insulting to even compare. Paisano's is in its own league. Situated in a quaint little building, it feels like a home of sorts. Comfortable and familiar. They have an extensive menu consisting of pizza's, pastas, sandwiches, salads and appetizers. I've been there a handful of times now, and every time I order the same thing because it's guaranteed to be delicious: their 'basic' pizza. I know what you're thinking, a basic pizza? Why not try something else? Something more extravagant? Well, there is nothing basic about their 'basic' pizza! It's the highest-quality pizza I've ever had the opportunity to taste; it's the perfect blend of tomato, sauce, cheese and crust. To die for! Highly recommended. I'm confident I will continue to order and enjoy my basic pizza for years to come.

  • Alex L | December ,29 2012

    Had the pizza and it was wonderful. The place was packed, but the service was quick and friendly. Would certainly eat there again

  • R H | February ,18 2013

    Great Italian food with Italian-sized portions! I had the vegetarian risotto and shared one the meat pizzas as an appetizer. Everything was delicious and best of all, affordable! Will definitely return.

  • Sammie G | July ,22 2013

    If you are in the North York neighbourhood and have a craving for a hearty italian meal at a reasonable price, Paisano's is the place to go. It is obvious they are a popular place, as people line up out the door on weekends just to get a table. If you can make it out on a week night, you are more likely to have a more comfortable and pleasing experience than on the weekend due to the high capacity of people (and regulars) that frequent the restaurant. They have something for everyone on the menu, be it vegetarian, gluten intolerant, lactose intolerant, low salt, you name it. They can make pretty much anything you ask for. For example, I cannot eat gluten or high salt, so going out for dinner is a chore. However, I was completely relaxed at Paisano's as they modified my chicken carbonara pasta to be gluten free and no salt. It was probably the best carbonara I have had in a long time. I also really enjoy their seafood creole- you get a little taste of all the fruits of the sea in a hot and delicious pasta. I have also heard their veal is amazing when I go out with my friends to Paisano's, especially the veal scallopini. Though I have never tried it due to my intolerances, my friend without fail will always order the scallopini and leave nothing on her plate (and it is a huge meal!). So if you are in the neighbourhood, give it a try. You won't regret it.

  • Laurie G | November ,14 2011

    One of the few Italian restaurants I like. You can randomly order anything on the menu and it will be good

  • Cheech B | January ,03 2013

    Authentic family owned italian resto...Has amazing pasta! I especially love the rose sauce. Stay away from their desserts though, I tried the cheesecake and creme brulee, and was not impressed.